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The Department of Safety and Security has divided emergency management into two functions, planning and response. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is responsible for maintenance and coordination of all emergency management plans. Police and Public Safety (PPS) is responsible for activation and management of emergency response operations. The BCP page supports content for both BCP and Emergency Management. For a description of roles and responsibilities see the following information:

Business Continuity Planning

During an emergency incident or disaster, all response operations will be managed by Police and Public Safety (see information below). BCP will support the Executive Team, University departments and business units to assess the impact to campus operations. An impact assessment and damage assessment provide the necessary information to implement an efficient recovery plan. BCP will support operational continuity with:

  • Clearly defined strategies and procedures to continue operations and implement recovery plans
  • Activation of department or unit plans to support operational continuity
  • Development and maintenance of emergency management plans
  • Exercise planning, design and evaluation

Police and Public Safety

During an emergency incident or disaster, all response operations will be managed through the Incident Command System (ICS) and/or Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In the absence of an external Incident Commander, the EOC will issue tasks to the field, and coordinate with the University's Executive Team and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Operations Center. Incident Command and EOC Management and Operations will be the responsibility of PPS and supported by specific departments, business units, and community agencies. The general responsibilities of PPS during a campus emergency or disaster are:

  • Preservation of life and protection of property
  • Stabilization of an emergency incident or disaster
  • Recovery and return to normalcy